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Scaffold User Safety and Hazard Awareness
The Scaffold User Hazard Awareness Program is designed to help the scaffold user recognize the hazards on various types of scaffold. It is approximately four hours in length and incorporates a PowerPoint presentation and student interaction that encourages participation. This course is not designed for workers that do any type of scaffold erection.

Scaffold Primary Access Safety Training
The Primary Access Training course is intended for workers who erect various scaffold types that do not exceed the height to base ratios (4:1 OSHA, 3:1 California OSHA). The course is divided into a self-study component where students complete chapter review and questions, followed by a one-day classroom session. The one-day session includes a review of the manual, instructor demonstrations, and a practical component erecting and dismantling scaffolding. Students are evaluated by the completion of a written exam.

Scaffold Competent Person Safety Training (CPT)
Competent person training is available in all three major supported scaffold systems: frame scaffolds, systems scaffolds and tube and coupler scaffolds. This program is for scaffold erectors and covers the safety aspects regarding scaffold foundations, scaffold components, regulations, guardrail requirements fall protection, scaffold stabilization and erection and dismantling procedures for scaffolds that exceed the height to base ratio.

Professional Scaffold Erector Safety Training Challenge Exam
This comprehensive challenge exam is for Professional Scaffold Erectors with more than 3200 hours of documented work experience.  Challengers must successfully pass  (70%) a 120 question core examination including mathematics, blueprint reading, scaffold loads, and a 30 question examination specific to the scaffold system (Frame Scaffold, Tube and Coupler Scaffold or System Scaffold).

Suspended Scaffold Hazard Awareness and Operator Safety Training
This course is designed for employees who perform work while on a suspended scaffold. The curriculum covers the suspended system, the supported system and emphasizes the safety system for those workers operating a suspended scaffold. The course includes hands-on training, basic fall arrest, safe operation of a suspended scaffold and an introduction to suspended scaffold support systems.

Suspended Scaffold Training
An industry standard since 1992, this comprehensive training program explains how to set up, operate and inspect suspended work platforms. The student completing this course will know the basics required to safely use suspended equipment. On-the-job training after this program will allow participants to apply what they have learned and to gain field experience necessary for any professional. The program explains how to set up, operate and inspect suspended work platforms.

 Mast Climber Training
Through a training alliance with the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), SAIA ATIs can now add certified Mast Climber Training to their catalogue of class offerings. The course materials have been developed by experts within the association and powered access industry. Courses will be conducted by SAIA members that have received the proper training and certification through IPAF.

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