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The Scaffold & Access Industry Association (SAIA) offers training for both supported and suspended scaffolding through the Scaffold & Access Industry Association Training Program. Additionally, User Hazard Awareness Training, Primary Access Training, Mast climber Operator training and Journeyperson Scaffold Program is included in the SAIA curriculum. The course materials have been developed by experts within the Association and scaffold industry. Courses are conducted primarily throughout the United States and Canada by SAIA members that have been approved by the Training Program Committee as Accredited Training Institutes (ATI). The ATI reach continues to grow as new training centers have been added in South and Central America, Dubai and Thailand. Approximately 50,000 students have been trained since the SAIATP was established.

Benefits of the SAIAU Training Programs:

  • Helps to provide a safer workplace for employees and customers
  • Helps to meet government requirements
  • Helps to meet insurance requirements
  • Helps to meet competent person training requirements
  • Provide structure for career advancement for employees
  • Create an objective standard for new employee assessment by independent not-for-profit organization
  • Potential insurance savings

For more information regarding our training programs, contact SAIA headquarters at 816.595.4860.

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